Is She Into You? Infographic Lists 30 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Likes You.

Game of love.

So you went on a date with this girl...

You both had a great time. You made her laugh, she gave you a compliment, you bonded over the mutual love for tacos and didn't even realize it was already 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night. 

Now you're at the office, blindly staring at the phone in your hands, wondering if you should give her a call. Because who knows! Maybe she doesn't want to hear from you, maybe she didn't feel the spark like you did, maybe you've been friend-zoned and there's no coming back.

For all those romantic souls trapped in a vicious circle of doubt, this infographic might be a true salvation.

Created by Seduzione Attrazione, an Italian relationship advice site for men, it is meant to teach guys how to tell if a woman likes them. Of course, this chart will not turn you into some sort of psychic, but knowing some of these signs might improve your interaction with the opposite sex.

Check out the infographic below. Just remember that every situation is different, so use your brain first. Also, it's always better to just ASK.


(H/T: 9gag)


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