How To Surprise Your Boyfriend Without Him Suspecting Anything At All

You just need to be savvy about it.

Figuring out how to surprise your boyfriend can be tricky, especially if he's a tough one to catch off guard. After all, some folks are just too darn smart for their own good. Nevertheless, it is totally possible to surprise him — you just need to be savvy about it.. 

Whether you surprise him with football tickets, or you surprise him with a trip, a special meal, or you surprise your boyfriend with an amazing date night, just make sure he doesn't catch on during the planning process. Try getting some friends involved to help, and at the very least, use incognito mode on your browser if you're planning on surprising him with a special online purchase. 

The best way to surprise your man is to do it in a place he wouldn't expect. For example, you can surprise your boyfriend at work by dropping off a gift, or you can pick him up after for a spontaneous date night.  

If your main squeeze  is the one who usually plans the date, you can throw in a wild card and surprise your guy on the date with an unexpected treat, like tickets to his favorite band, or some DIY present only he'd appreciate. If you're artistic, you can surprise him with an original artwork of yours.  But sometimes a note explaining why you love him can be the most powerful surprise of them all. Just give it to him on a random day, and not on a birthday, holiday or anniversary. The spontaneity of it can make it feel all the more genuine. 

No matter if you're surprising your boyfriend for his birthday, surprising him with a gift, surprising him with a date night, or surprising him just because, he'll appreciate the thought and effort behind it. 

If you need some inspiration on what to give him or what to do, take a look at some of the comments below from men responding to Reddit user Alkomb who asked them to recall their favorite surprises.  








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