9 Simple Ways You Can Show Transgender Kids That You Support Them

It’s more important now than ever.

9 Simple Ways You Can Show Transgender Kids That You Support Them

It's important that all kids feel supported and accepted. It's especially critical for trans kids who often face challenges because of a lack of knowledge and because they have to still fight for equality. Given recent events where transgender rights are being threatened, it is now more important than ever that transgender children and young adults know that they have a great support network around them.

It's essential that we support those people who are transgender and gender fluid that we know personally, but we can also support the greater transgender community as a whole. Take a look at the easy ways you can take action and show your support:

1. Join a group.

There are numerous groups for transgender people, their families, friends, and supporters. Find out if there is a group that meets up in your area. Alternatively, there are many online groups that you can join. Whether you're there physically or virtually, you can make a difference.

2. Take to social media.

Celebrities are taking to social media to show their support and you can too. You can tweet out a positive message with an inclusive hashtag or you can tweet at organizations and individuals about the importance of trans equality.


3. Sign a petition.

Are you against recent rulings? Do you want to make sure that transgender youth are protected? If you see a petition going around, make sure you sign it. Every signature matters. Remember that there are also online positions that you can sign.

4. Get involved in a peaceful protest.

Women's Marches all over the world had a tremendous impact on expressing how people are feeling. The same thing can be done in showing support for the equal rights of transgender kids.

5. Organize your own event.

Are there no events in your area? Start your own! It doesn't take much work. Invite members of the transgender community and supporters for a simple get together. Knowing that there is a welcoming space available where they can talk freely is key. If you need help organizing your event, try speaking to community centers or LGBTQ groups in your community who might be able to help host the event.

6. Show your support through your clothes.

Clothing played an important role in the Women's March and getting its message across and it can be just as important for the LGBTQ community. Find a T-shirt, hat, badge, or something else with an inclusive message, or you can make your own. Anything that shows the LGBTQ rainbow flag or the transgender symbol will send a positive message.

7. Make an inclusive statement with your house.

Mike Pence's neighbors sent an important message when they hung Pride flags outside of their homes, and you can do a similar thing. You can even create your own decorations that show your support.

8. Create supportive art.

It doesn't matter the medium. Songs, paintings, poems, and signs can all help deliver a message that you support the transgender community. Pick your favorite medium and help get the message across.

9. Reach out to those you know.

Is there someone you know of who is transgender? Even if they're not a close friend or relative, reach out to them and let them know that you're there for them. It might not seem like much, but it makes a difference to anyone knowing that they have a safe space with supportive people.

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