Attention Procrastinators: Put Down The Remote And Take This Quiz

Slackers and overachievers alike should really take this quiz

There are plenty of reasons for your unproductive tendencies. You might misdiagnose it as laziness, a lack of motivation or even indifference. But the folks at parcelhero want you to know that there are plenty of reasons we procrastinate — and plenty of tips for how to stop. (Er… start?)

Chances are, you are procrastinating this very minute. There's absolutely something you're supposed to be doing right now that you're not.  So, slackers and overachievers alike, why not embrace the irony and take this quiz to find out what TYPE of procrastinator you are? Because, let's face it, you're definitely a procrastinator. The question is: which TYPE? 


OK, now you can go do all of those things you weren't doing while you were learning about your procrastination habits. Go on, hop to it! 


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