This Guy Will Teach You How To Really Say Hello To A Woman

"I was trying to do, like, a flirty hello. And that's what came out."

Meet Robbie Sherrard.


Sherrard is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. As he admits in his latest video, "How to Say Hello To A Woman," he has one big problem.

"I saw this girl at a coffee shop the other day and I was trying to do, like, a flirty hello. And that's what came out," confesses Sherrard.

Nope. That's not going to work for you, buddy.

"Men I understand," Sherrard says. "Chin up if you know him. Chin down if you don't. Hugs for family members. Pounds for children. Handshakes for everybody else. It's pretty simple."

But when it comes to ladies, saying "hello" becomes way more complex. Or at least that's what Sherrard claims.

So Sherrard spent quite some time doing his homework...

... and put together this cheat sheet.

Whoa. That looks pretty detailed.

On the horizontal axis you have "the amount of time that you've known her." The vertical axis marks the location where the encounter takes place. It's also color-coded by your relationship to the woman (acquaintance, romantic interest/partner, platonic friend, or coworker/classmate). 

In all fairness, French people might have solved this problem already by simply kissing everyone hello on both cheeks. No cheat sheet needed. But if you're not in France and are struggling with the same problem as Sherrard, you will want to watch the video below. Trust us.

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