Here's How To Say 'Friend' In Every Country Around The World

"Kawan" means "friend" in Malaysia.

On July 30, the world celebrated the International Day of Friendship — a day meant to defend our human bonds and remind us that we are all "united for the greater good," according to a description on the United Nations website.  

Of course, we can all celebrate our friendships in different ways; recognizing the friendships we share with people in our workplace, our personal lives, our families, and beyond. But while friendship is a universal concept, everyone says "friend" differently, from "ami" in French to kawan in Malay and amigo in Spanish.

So to continue the celebration, Taxi2Airport created a fascinating map that shows how people say "friend" in every country. Now, use it to remind your friend, no matter where they are, that they are loved.

Check out the map below:


Courtesy of Taxi2Airport


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