Improve Your Boring Breakfast By Making Emoji Waffles In Less Than 10 Minutes

*Heart eyes emoji*

Facebook has finally given us the option to react with emojis, but why should we stop there? 

Food blogger Rosanna Pansino has discovered a way for emojis to invade our breakfast, too. In a super simple tutorial video, she shows us how to transform plain, boring waffles into your favorite emojis. Now, just looking at breakfast will help you start every morning off right. 

To make these, you're going to need some waffles, fruit, melted milk chocolate, and wax paper. If you plan on making an emoji that requires hearts, you'll also need a heart shaped cookie cutter. 


After you've got all of your ingredients, print out some emoji templates to be about the size of your waffles.

Place a piece of wax paper on top of your emoji templates. Use your melted chocolate to trace out the emoji's features.

"I'm going to trace eyes, mouths, eyebrows, and even some little sunglasses," Pansino says. "You can also use a toothpick to smooth out the chocolate and your designs." 

Once you're done with your chocolate designs, set them aside to dry. 

Toast your waffles.

While your waffles are toasting, cut all the fruit you need.

Finally, assemble your waffles.

Place your chocolate molds and fruit in the appropriate place and you're done!

Watch Pansino's entire demonstration below:


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