13 People On How They Learned To Love Themselves

Life isn't a race. Slow down, and give yourself some love.

Of all life's struggles, one of the biggest is simply learning to look inward and find love for yourself. Sounds easy enough, but most of us know getting to this place is a lifelong process requiring constant personal growth. 

Sometimes enlisting the advice of others, or looking to their experiences, can shine a light on ways we can better appreciate ourselves. One Reddit user asked the community "How did you learn to love yourself?" The question was asked two years ago, but the responses that came in are timeless nuggets that show how varied the path to self-love is for everyone. For one person, it was just about faking it till they made it, while another found that learning from their mistakes helped them. 

It's always good to come back to this poignant thread, especially if you are needing a little inspiration on ways to improve your feelings about life and, most importantly, about yourself.  Take a look below to see some of our favorite responses. 


1. The person who realized that as long as they try to be their best self, it's progress.

2. The person who realized the importance of not trying so hard to be popular.

3. The person who found out loving yourself can come from helping others.

4. The person who discovered loving yourself is like loving somebody else.

5. The person who realized putting your own happiness first isn't selfish.

6. The person who stands by the phrase "fake it till you make it."

7. The person who is focusing on the aspects they're proud of.

8. The person who saw the value in mistakes and regrets.

9. The person who learned to think all their actions are great.

10. The person who found out the importance of self-compassion.

11. The person who championed holding onto your best qualities.

12. The person who realized others depend on you to love yourself.

13. The person who realized life isn't a race.

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