Want To Have A Great First Kiss? Try These 5 Things.

You might just score a second kiss, too.

When it comes to dating, few things feel as a good as a great first kiss. No, seriously. Your lips are full of nerve endings (they're one of the densest zones on your body), so all that sensation ignites a large portion of your brain, especially the part responsible for dolling out pleasure chemicals like dopamine. So that's why a passionate kiss doesn't just feel good in the moment but can keep you thinking about the person you locked lips with for days afterward. That may also explain why people love sharing their first kiss stories — they get to relive that first kiss bliss.


But even as pleasurable as a first kiss can be, getting there can be a challenge, especially if it's your first first kiss or you're simply out of practice. (Hey — we've all been there!) 

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where a first kiss seems imminent, these 5 first kiss tips can help you make the evening memorable.

Oh, and by the way, these are first kiss tips for guys and girls because it's 2018 — and anyone can make the first move. Who knows? They just might help you score a second kiss while you're at it.

1. Test the physical intimacy waters.

Before you go in for a big ole smackaroo, try touching the other person's arm or knee first. If they let you keep your hand there, that's a good indication that they share your physical attraction and are open to a kiss. If they move your hand away, however, it's probably best to end the night with just a friendly hug. 

It should also be noted that a first kiss doesn't have to happen on a first date. Many couples have their first kiss on their second or third date, so don't put any time-sensitive pressure on yourself. If you wait until the second or third date, you know the person likes you enough to spend repeated amounts of time with you, which can help you feel more confident when you make your move.

2. Find somewhere relatively quiet and secluded.

You don't have to wait for the perfect moonlit walk (or dance) to have an amazing first kiss, but you should try to go somewhere somewhat private. After all, you probably don't know the other person's PDA preferences yet so it's best to err on the side of caution. Before you part ways, look for an area — perhaps outside your meeting location, on the street, near their home, or even in your car — that feels private and intimate. This will also help set the mood for a romantic first kiss.

3. Start slow.

All right, here comes the juicy part. Time to figure out how to lean in for a first kiss. If you've reached the end of the date, or even just a comfortable lull in a good conversation, now's the moment to try for that first kiss. Make sure you're within arms reach of the other person, so you can rest your hand on their arm or waist before leaning in for the kiss. A good rule of thumb is to lean 80 percent into the kiss. If the other person wants to kiss you, they'll lean in the rest of the way. 

Once they've pressed their lips against yours, you can try to position your top lip over their top lip so your bottom lip matches up with the middle of their lips, or vice versa. (This YouTube tutorial goes into greater detail with a visual example). Do this for no longer than five seconds. Keeping this time limit in mind will ensure you don't go into full make-out mode immediately. That can be a bit overwhelming for a first kiss, but if the passion is there and it feels right to you and your date, go for it.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Ultimately, a great first kiss is one that happens naturally and (almost) effortlessly. So don't put too much thought or planning into it because you don't want something so romantic as a kiss to feel calculated. If the moment feels right, go for it. A first kiss doesn't have to be technically "perfect" to make both participants weak in the knees. If you're already smitten with each other, you'll swoon no matter what. So remember to relax, and just let the kiss happen.

If all things go well, you'll have so many other kisses with your special someone that neither of you will even remember what the first one was like. You'll remember how it felt, of course, but you won't remember each and every little detail.

5. If there's a spark, you'll feel it.

If you and your date have chemistry, your first kiss will tell you — literally. Swapping saliva is "a mechanism for mate choice and mate assessment," according to Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University. Saliva contains testosterone (a chemical that naturally occurs in both men and women that boosts your sex drive), and it's believed that the practice of kissing may have evolved to help humans quickly tell if someone is a good mate or not. So if you feel a "spark," you really are feeling a positive biological reaction to the other person. 

Make sure they know by smiling at them after your first kiss, even if you're secretly freaking out because you don't know if they felt a spark, too. If they smile back, then they most likely enjoyed the kiss — and more importantly, the company — as much as you did. 

Cover image via Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock


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