Video Pokes Fun At All The Ways Parents Embarrass Their Kids On Vacation

We've all been there.

We're sure many of you understand what it's like to be on a family vacation with your parents — and though every experience is different, we're also pretty certain you've, at one time or another, felt that pang of public embarrassment thanks to mom and dad.

Now, BuzzFeed's rounded up seven great ways for parents to embarrass their kids on vacation, poking a little fun at all parties involved.

And while it's all taking a good laugh at a relatable family dynamic, it's important to remember that spending quality time with your parents and family can be truly precious. 

Here are some of our favorite "tips" from the video:


Matching shirts for everyone!

Dance like nobody is watching.

While you're at it, give karaoke a go.

And for more, be sure to check out the full video below:


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