How To Win Over The Woman Of Your Dreams

Tip 1: Make tacos romantic!

Ever wanted to date, say, Anna Kendrick?


How about Kate Mara?

Well, here are a few pointers from the ladies of GQ.

Model Jessica Hart says that all you have to do is ask some good questions so you can get to know her on your date.

Sounds simple enough, Jessica! What's your favorite color?

According to Anna, if you can make getting tacos romantic, you're doing a good job!

Shall we hit up Dos Caminos? 

"I want a veggie burger and fries and a glass of wine and to talk about politics with somebody."

Great idea, Kate Mara! Can we also talk about your amazing portrayal of reporter Zoe Barnes on "House Of Cards"? That counts as politics, right?

Actress Dylan Penn tells GQ we just have to be funny.

Hold on, Dylan, googling jokes as we speak. Have you heard the one about...

Watch the video below to find out more.


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