Get Your Fair Share Of The Toppings With This Scientifically Proven Pizza Pie Cutting Method

Toppings are essential.

If you thought you knew how to cut a pie of pizza, think again.


Thanks to some brave and bold scientists like Oscar-nominated Matt Damon, we are going where humans have never gone before. 

That's right, pizza is a planet and this is how you cut it up — mathematically. 

It's called monohedral disc tiling, according to

The results? "Twelve identically shaped pieces, six of which form a star extending out from the centre, while the other six divide up the crusty remainder."

In fact, there are even more ways to divide up your pizza pie.

According to Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley of the University of Liverpool, you can cut up your pie with any odd number of sides.

This does look a bit tricky, but feel free to go crazy.

If having, like, 30 slices of pizza is still not enough, you can get a little creative, adding different sorts of edges.

Who said science wasn't delicious?

Cover image via  Zodiacphoto / Shutterstock.


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