The 3 Rules Of Style You Need To Know When Buying Glasses

Everything you need to know.

Glasses sometimes tell two contradictory stories.


           Glasses not only help you see — they also can make you seem more attractive and intelligent. But picking the style that's right for you is important. 

            This article will teach you how to find the right glasses style for your face, whether you're looking at new frames for the office or new sunnies for the pool.

            First, let's take a look at some of the most popular trends and styles in frames.

            There are certain frames that are simply iconic: they speak to timeless style. Aviators, Wayfarers, and Wraparounds are all solid choices. Most square or rectangular frames are.

As with so many other things, it seems what's old in glasses is new again, especially in women's eyewear.

        The trend in oversized "bug eye" frames can be traced to the opening scenes in 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's in which a petite Audrey Hepburn stares into the windows of Tiffany and Co, wearing heavy dark frames that emphasize her pixie-like features.  

          Similarly hearkening back to the 50s and 60s is the growing popularity of Cat's Eye glasses with design and couture houses making modern versions that capture the demure spirit of the original while making it edgy and sexy, like these worn by Taylor Swift...

Or these rocked by Zooey Deschanel:

         Don't be too eager to jump on the latest trends. Unless you're a collector, stick to what works for you and what will provide lasting protection and style.

          Glasses are one of the many accessories that can quickly become a recognizable signature piece: a cornerstone of your personal brand. Conversely, glasses change the way people recognize you, the way people see you. Like a good watch or a well-crafted pair of shoes, your frames are embedded with social coding that is not without consequence. We judge and are judged by appearance and the "right" glasses can mean a world of difference between opportunity won and lost.   

Choosing style over trends: the 3 Cs of picking frames.

1) Contrast.

        Find a frame shape that contrasts with the shape of your face. 

        Sharp frames dramatize soft features, while angular cheekbones and square jaws are enhanced by round or curved frames

        For a neutral look, go rimless: these alter one's facial recognizability the least for anyone needing to wear corrective eyewear inconspicuously.  

2) Copy.

        Good frames will copy your best feature. Have pale blue eyes? Go for a translucent oceanic frame. Thick black or tortoiseshell frames nicely accent heavy, dark hair, as we see in these images of Audrey Hepburn and Henry Cavill.

3. Conform.

        Be sure that your frames conform to the size of your face without being overpoweringly large or awkwardly small. Be sure to look at yourself in a full-length mirror when you try your glasses on. Get glasses you wear, not glasses that wear you
        They should not only conform to the size of your face, but to your individual, organic style.    

        Glasses that contrast with your natural features while copying their strongest elements and conforming to the size of your face will complement your natural beauty. 

Whatever your style may be, check out GlassesUSA for tons of cool options, and free prescription lenses.


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