9 Tips For Becoming A Risk-Taker

Your comfort zone isn't the only place you can exist.

With the new year only about a month away, it's time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions. We've got one suggestion. 


Start taking more risks.

OK, we know taking risks can be scary, but hear us out. 

Chilling in your comfort zone is fine and all, but having experiences outside of it can be incredibly fulfilling. Risk-taking can help you learn what you're capable of, develop new interests, and can even help you feel more  powerful, proactive, and excited about life. 

But beyond helping you grow personally, taking risks can also help you grow professionally. That's because you will be more likely to gain new skills, and be open to new opportunities. Showing others that you're not afraid to take risks can help set you apart. 

Screw your doubts and fear of failure. Sometimes, you just need to jump in with both feet. If nothing else, you'll have a badass story to tell.  

Vegas Extreme Skydiving, a company that provides the highest skydive in Las Vegas, put together an awesome infographic on risk-taking. 

You can check it out below:


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