13 Ways To Make Attempts At Self-Improvement Count

There's still hope.

So sorry to bring up a sore subject, but remember that New Year's resolution you made? The one about being the person you pretty much present yourself as on Tumblr? Yea, we know, that person dies every January 4th and is resurrected around 3pm the following December 31st. But you don't have to wait until it's cold again to start getting it together.

Funders and Founders created a set of infographics with tips on how to be more productive and become your own New Years resolution vision board. Here are some of the great tips they shared for removing some of the clutter in your life and getting closer to whatever those goals are.


Wake up early by...

1. ...planning a breakfast you can look forward to.

2. ...placing your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

That way you can't hit snooze.

3. ...sleeping in total darkness and a deeper rest.

Begin your day on a good note by...

4. ...starting your day with a workout.

5. ...keep your big picture goals in mind.

6. ...starting off with your hardest task.

Work faster by...

7. ...working somewhere well lit.

8. ...keeping your desk clear.

9. ...keeping emails as short as possible.

You can probably say it in 140 characters, even if it doesn't come out as eloquent poetry.

10. ...listening to music that doesn't distract you.

Instrumental music, or music in a language you don't understand, ca help you avoid getting distracted by it.

Simplify your life by...

11. ...throwing away stuff you don't need.

12. ...letting go of perfectionism.

13. ...not being afraid to say "no."

Check out all the nuggets of wisdom here:


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