Turns Out Superheroes Are Just Like Us. Here's How They Stay Fit.

It's not easy for them either.

Superheroes have to be in incredible shape to fight crime and save the world from impending doom. But how do they do it?  

Digital marketing agency Adapt Worldwide teamed up with Colombian artist and graphic designer Fulvio Obregón to put together a series of illustrations that show us. The project titled, The Juice-tice League, depicts Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman living out all of our fitness goals. 

"We have a lot of comic book fans in the office and just as many fitness fanatics," Bartek Maczaluk, creative product manager at Adapt Worldwide, told A Plus. "So they sat together and tried to work out what these characters might be doing behind closed doors." 

Then, Obregón brought them to life with his design skills. 

"There are loads of Easter eggs in the pictures for avid comic books fans," Maczaluk said. 


See if you can spot them in the illustrations below:

1. Batman uses a FitBit.

2. Wonder Woman spiralizes zucchini.

3. Superman works out with an exercise ball.

4. Batman buys organic produce.

5. Wonder Woman loves boxing.

6. Batman experiments with cupping therapy.

7. Wonder Woman meditates.

8. Batman juices.

9. These guys help each other wax.

10. Superman cooks with a fresh face mask on.

11. Both Wonder Woman and Superman make sure to get enough protein.

12. And Wonder Woman has her very own hangover cure.


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