15 Astonishing GIFs Showing How Things Really Work

Finally, an explanation for sewing machines.

The world is in amazing place with such an incredible amount of life, technology, and physics that we don't often get a chance to stop and appreciate the subtle beauty of it all. 

Relatively Interesting recently compiled a list of GIFs showing how different things work — ranging from natural phenomena to man-made inventions. We've gathered some of our favorites here, but be warned: you may never look at the world around you the same way ever again.


1. Visual explanation of the Pythagorean Theorem, showing how a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

2. Time-lapse of a growing vine looking for support. It looks like an alien!

3. It's amazing that ants don't constantly trip over their legs while walking.

4. Standard locks have so much going on inside!

5. Gorgeous time-lapse of how a dandelion spreads its seeds.

6. This time-lapse of braces on teeth shows how dynamic the human mouth can be!

7. So THIS is how sewing machines actually work?!

8. Slow-mo of vibrating violin string.

9. How the continents have shifted throughout Earth's history

10. How a zipper works

11. How a single kernel of popcorn becomes a delicious treat.

12. Crocodiles use a lot of power to propel themselves out of the water!

13. The physics of dropping a Slinky ... amazing!

14. Watching dogs lap up water is INSANE.

15. Embryonic development of the human face


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