You Might Not Know How Often To Wash Your Sheets, So We're Here To Help

Happy cleaning, folks!

It has come to our attention that a lot of people do not practice sufficiently good hygiene. So in honor of Spring Cleaning, we decided to put together a little cheat sheet so you never forget how often to clean or wash things. We've even included helpful guides to show you how to do so, just in case you missed certain memos. 

Happy cleaning, folks! 


1.) Your hands

The following are good examples from the Mayo Clinic of appropriate times to wash your hands: 

-After you use the toilet

-After playing with animals 

-When you sneeze. Even if you sneeze into a tissue. Your snot is gross and therefore your hands are gross... until you wash them. 

-On your way out of a hospital or even if you just took care of someone with a cold. Wash those germs outta your life. 

-After touching garbage 

2.) Sheets

Wash your sheets often. You might not realize this, but your sheets are loaded with buildup of sweat, dust and even drool that you don't realize you expel in the middle of the night. 

Wash in hot water and then throw them in a hot dryer so they're nice and warm (and clean) when you get into bed that night. 

3.) Cars

Either take it to the car wash or wash it yourself on your driveway every three weeks or so. 

But, according to, if you tend to park outside or live in extreme weather conditions, washing your car once a week will protect the finish. 

4.) Dogs

If he or she smells, please do us all a favor and handle it. 

But usually a dog bath once a month will suffice. 

5.) Jeans

If they have a stain, feel free to pop 'em in the washing machine and get it out ASAP so it doesn't set. 

If not, washing them after every four or five wears is suggested. If you over-wash them they might wear out or form holes. 

Make sure you read the washing instructions on the inside tag before you clean them. There's nothing worse than permanently messing up a nice pair of pants. 

6.) Bras

CNN taught us a little something about bra maintenance: 

A general rule is that you should never wear the same bra two days in a row, because elastic needs time to reshape. Have a rotation of a few bras, and give each one at least 24 hours to recover before wearing it again. With proper rotation, bras can last several wears between washes.

7.) Mattress

You probably never clean your mattress because you think it's a huge hassle and you don't realize how dirty and gross it can actually get. 

That's understandable. But surprisingly, this is a very easy thing to clean and, don't worry, you don't need to try fitting it in the washing machine or schlepping it down to your local dry cleaner. 

Every six months, clean it like this: 

- Vacuum the top with an upholstery attachment. (You can buy it anywhere vacuums are sold for around $10). 

- Wipe it down using upholstery shampoo. Just don't soak that mattress because moisture creates mold. 

8.) Your purse

In the interest of hygiene and your sanity, clean it out once a week

According to, purses sometimes carry traces of E. coli. Make sure your purse, tote bag or backpack is clean to keep germs from gathering inside. 

We know most people hate cleaning, but think of it as your way of making the world a cleaner, happier place — and a cleaner, happier space for you and your loved ones to reside. 



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