This Viral Clip Comically Spells Out What Should Really Be Obvious About Sexual Harassment

"If it feels wrong, it is wrong."

A clip from BBC Two's The Mash Report is going viral this week for taking a humorous approach to the important topic of sexual harassment. The #MeToo and Time's Up movements have gotten more people discussing the issue, but there has unfortunately also been some backlash, as some argue that the movements seek to punish men for innocent interactions with women.


While it may seem obvious to many of us what actually constitutes inappropriate behavior, in the workplace or anywhere else, some apparently still need it spelled out for them. That's where correspondent Rachel Parris comes in. In a video that's been viewed millions of times on the show's Facebook page, she explains exactly "how not to sexually harass someone."

"Even talking to a woman is completely off limits, isn't that right, Nish?" she says to start things off. When the host, Nish Kumar, replies no, she confirms, "No, it's not, Nish. But it's fun to pretend to be confused about that, isn't it?"

As Parris goes on to explain, asking a co-worker if you can borrow her stapler is totally fine. Asking her to "please come to the server room and wank me off," however, is not. She then asks Kumar to demonstrate how hugging may not always be as harmless as some may think. As they hold their hug for longer and longer, Kumar admits, "It's feeling more and more wrong by the second," to which Parris offers up a helpful rule of thumb: "If it feels wrong, it is wrong."

"If you do stick to my handy guide, we will manage to walk that terribly fine line between being a decent person and a complete wanker," she says in closing.

There have been similarly funny approaches to the issue in the states, as well. Tracee Ellis Ross explained harassment with a children's book called "The Handsy Man" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while writer Anne Victoria Clark suggested the "Rock Test," asking men to treat women the same way they would treat Dwayne Johnson. Sometimes, the best way to point out the absurdity of a situation is to be a little absurd in return. 

Take a crash course in harassment in the video below:

(H/T: Bustle)


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