How Your Argument Style Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

We can all learn something from this.

We all know that dreaded feeling when your lover walks through the door and something seems kind of off. You feel an argument about to start. Quick! Think. 


No worries. You have your go-to defence mechanisms and comebacks all prepared. After all, you've had plenty of practice arguing. You've got this. 

Hmmm, she made a good point. This sounds like a good time to remind her of that jerk comment she made to me last week. 

Yes, we've all done it. Let's throw them off track, change the subject. Let them know they're not perfect. Yeah, that will fix everything. Nope. 

Oh, yes, you've really impressed her with that one.

You know that whole "I'm as rational as Sheldon Cooper" act some people put on in a argument. Yeah, don't do that. Nobody believes it anyway. 

It's possibly the worst thing you could say. In fact, if you don't want someone to calm down... tell them to calm down. 

Don't do it.

Underneath anger is fear and anxiety. We're all afraid to get hurt.

Put things into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, is this really a fight worth having?

Instead of looking at them like the enemy, remember they're vulnerable too.

Take a breather. Go for a walk and get away for a couple of hours to calm down and collect your thoughts.

Never a truer statement.

So let's go easy on each other.

When all else fails, just say sorry. 

Watch this couple try to defuse an argument in the video by The School of Life. 

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