The Most Crucial 'How Not To Get Raped' Tactic Nobody Talks About

Her comedy hits on an important issue women know all too well.

In a recent video, YouTuber Anna Akana used incisive comedy to show how ludicrous it is to put the onus on women to "not get raped." She presented some over-the-top "tactics" to help women avoid sexual assault. 


For example, she says you can dress up as a guy and act like you're the rapist so nobody will think to rape you.

Or hire bodyguards to protect you. (But first make sure they aren't rapists.)

Or employ the "old American way" of protecting yourself.

Despite the convoluted suggestions, her point is simple: Women shouldn't have to go to ridiculous lengths to live a life free of rape. 

Which means society at large, which actually does expect women to behave a certain way in order to not be raped, needs to change.

"Women have been conditioned their whole lives to not get raped."

Here are some real actions women are told they must take to protect themselves from being raped:

1. Carry a sharp keychain to jab a rapist with.

2. Avoid dark alleyways where rapists could be lurking.

3. Wear a special nail polish that can detect date rape drugs. 

4. Study martial arts.

5. Pack pepper spray. 

"You know what would be better? If we taught boys that rape wasn't even an option."

As Akana says, we need to stop excusing rapists for their crimes based on their victim's behavior. That might begin when we stop slut-shaming victims. 

Women are tired of being responsible for not being raped. 

Watch Akana's skit below.

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