Here's How To Not Treat Women Like Sex Objects

It's simple, really.

Here's the scenario: A man sees a woman and he's attracted to her. What should he do?

With feminism bringing the idea of the objectification of women (like half-naked models in men's magazines and ads that use boobs to sell products) to the forefront of conversation, some men may be confused. They may ask themselves, am I not allowed to find women attractive? Where is that line drawn?

Thanks to the help of the YouTube channel Stuff Your Mom Never Told You — How Stuff Works, we have a better idea. In short, yes, men (and women) are allowed to find others attractive. And even lust over their exterior. But it's what happens after the lust that determines whether you're objectifying someone aka treating them as less than human or not. 

Host Cristen Conger breaks it down.

She explains that it's OK to find a woman, who looks like Barbie for instance, to be attractive. But when you start treating her like a Barbie doll — just trying to "play" with her or use her for her body parts — that's objectification. 


"Much like women who are sexually objectified, Barbie has no autonomy ... as an object."

"While attraction and lust might involve some degree of sexual objectification depending the context, it still functions around the interest and desires of the other person."

"It only functions to serve one's own interest and desires ... In this mindset, 'Barbie' can't not want to play with you."

And the implications are not good ...

"This drives home why our broader culture of sexually objectification women in ads, in the street, in the home ... fosters inequality because on a mass scale its asserting the needs and desires of one group over another."

Now it all makes sense!

Check out the full breakdown below:


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