This Is How Much Sex You Should Be Having Each Month

Business Insider gets the lowdown.

Happy wife, happy (sex) life. At least according to research done by psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman.

He conducted a study with 400 married women to find out how often happy couples have sex, and subsequently answer the question many couples no doubt ask themselves: "How much sex should we be having?" 

Neuman points out the indicator of a happy relationship correlates to how often the couple has sex — not how great the sex is. His findings also indicate that there's a staggering difference between the frequency of sex between unhappily married couples and happily married couples. 

In a video by Business Insider, Neuman quantifies his research, explaining that happy women (or couples) have at least three times as much sex a month than unhappy couples.

Check out the exact numbers below. 


So where does this 'unhappiness' factor come from? According to Neuman:

Once the two-year period hits for couples, he explains, couples face a cross-roads that when not properly managed contribute to less and less sex.

Luckily, there are ways to fix that.


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