People Share How Long It Took Them To Fall In Love

Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes years.

So many of us spend time wondering when we'll meet our special someone. But once you come across that person, how long will it take to fall in love? The answer varies from person to person, couple to couple, and experience to experience. 

Science may have an idea about the average time it takes to fall in love. According to social psychologist Arthur Aron, any couple can fall in love just by asking each other these 36 questions.  But even then, who is to say love is intentional?

Sometimes, you can fall in love unexpectedly. When you find someone special, you can't help but grow closer. The heart wants what the heart wants and emotions take over. And, hey, some people really do fall in love at first sight. But even if you don't feel the love at the very beginning, it doesn't mean that relationship can't evolve. Who knows, perhaps the person you are dating now may end up to be the love of your life.  

The intense chemistry, comfort in their presence, and butterflies you get when you hear their voice are all signs of love.  Knowing if you've found the one, however, can take a bit more than just sweet feelings. Having a relationship built on trust, stability, kindness, support, and a true friendship, even during the hard times, is a testament to a love that can withstand the storms. Sometimes, it's during the most difficult times that you'll know if you've found your soulmate.

If you're questioning how to know if you are in love with someone or wondering how long it takes to fall in love again, check out some of the experiences shared on Reddit. 









Cover image via Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash


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