This Is How Long American Women Have Waited To Vote For A Female President

The most radical stand against the patriarchy yet.

Nov. 8 marked the end of a tumultuous election season, but for many American women, voting for a female president was the culmination of a lifetime of struggle and progress, the most radical stand against the patriarchy yet. Although other women have run for president, including Jill Stein and Shirley Chisholm, Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate to be nominated by a major party.

Less than a century ago, women were denied the right to vote. This election, not only did they take to the ballot boxes in droves, they did it to elect America's first ever woman president — a concept that 21 years ago was considered so offensive it had to be banned

In the days leading up to Nov. 8, A Plus reached out to women of all ages to tell us how long they've waited for this day to come. And considering the abhorrent sexism that has plagued this election, American women proudly declaring their support for one of their own could not have be a more fitting, feminist response. 


Betty Stuart Rodgers Jeffreys

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Margarita Caro

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Gigi Hale

Stellajoe Staebler

Rachel Feirick

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Marion Barresi

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Jill Berman

Chloe Simone Banos

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Helen Rosenblatt

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Peg Moulton

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