Here's How Something You Do Every Day Makes You Happier And Healthier, According To Science

And perhaps we should do it more often.

Did you know that laughing isn't just a reaction, it's an exercise that's actually good for you?

Happify, a science-based website and app with games and activities to help us lead happier, healthier lives, has released a research-filled infographic showing how laughter can make us live longer, stress less, and improve our mental health, among other benefits. 

For example, research proved laughter helped breast cancer patients feel less stressed and anxious.

Additionally, laughter was shown to help lower blood pressure, decrease hunger hormones, and increase our body's immunity, among other qualities anyone would want. 


For those who need a little extra something to laugh about, the infographic also teaches us easy ways to laugh more, including playing with pets and initiating impromptu nights with friends.

All in all, laughter can make us happier in our everyday relationships, our romantic ones, our work ones, and beyond.

Because who doesn't love a good laugh?


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