Mesmerizing GIFs Show How 15 Everyday Objects Are Made

So THAT'S how they do it!

Discovery Channel's How It's Made is arguably one of the most fascinating shows on television. No, really.

One of the most common critiques of the show is that so much of it happens on fully automated machinery. While that's true (because that's how the majority of mass production works) the process can still be pretty incredible to watch.

Still not convinced?

Check out these GIFs showing how everyday objects come into existence:


1. This is how we get perfect office supplies every time!

2. This is how books are bound and trimmed so neatly.

3. Mass producing ice cream treats looks totally sweet!

4. We could watch springs get made all day.

5. Off the chain.

6. Watching candy get made is almost as satisfying as eating it.

7. Demystifying how fortune cookies are stuffed and folded.

8. Still want that hot dog?

9. That explains why these pizzas are only a dollar.

10. Sharpening pencils has never looked so easy!

11. Latex balloons are dipped and the edges are rolled before they're used to decorate your party.

12. With a few simple twists, this chicken wire is ready to go.

13. No matter the shape, the process of making perfect pasta is essentially the same.

14. So THAT'S how they lubricate, roll, and package condoms.

15. It's amazing this machine doesn't tie itself in knots while twisting pretzels.


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