13 Men Reveal What They Did To Help Their Wives Through Postpartum Depression

One in 7 moms suffer from postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression, or PPD, is a mood disorder that occurs after childbirth. While symptoms can vary from mom to mom, many people who suffer from PPD experience insomnia, a loss of appetite, intense irritability, feelings of deep sadness and guilt, and may have difficulty bonding with the baby. 

PPD is extremely common and affects an estimated 1 in 7 moms. Despite how prevalent it is, many people still don't know much about it, or don't understand how the condition can affect families. To help raise awareness about PPD, some celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Michelle Gellar, have opened up about their own personal experiences with the condition. 

Recently, a thread on Reddit has helped to raise awareness about how PPD has affected community members. 


One Reddit user asked, "Husbands who've had their wives experience postpartum depression, what did you do to help ensure your wife made it through that rough patch?

In their responses, many people shined a light on how difficult living with PPD — and loving someone who has it — can be. In addition, they offered some great advice for supporting a new mom who has it based on their own experiences. 

You can read some of their best advice below. 

1. Listen and remind her that she's not alone.

2. Move to be closer to family.

3. Do chores.

4. Remind her she's more than a mom.

5. Move the crying baby away from his or her sleeping mom.

6. Encourage her to get professional help.

7. Make her laugh and smile as much as possible.

8. Thank her for her sacrifices for the baby.

9. Make sure she has time for herself each day.

10. Let her sleep.

11. Have conversations about how she's doing.

12. Be present.

13. Encourage her to go to a support group.

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