This Video Shows How Gummy Candy Is Made And It'll Make You Never Want To Eat It Again

Sorry, gummy bear lovers.

When you're filling your bag at the candy store, it's easy to forget that those chewy, colorful bears, sugar-dusted worms, and Coke bottle-shaped gummy candies are made up of gelatin. In case you've been living in ignorant bliss, gelatin is a cute word for a substance made up of the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of various animals. Meat products are especially gross when they're pretending not to be meat. 

Knowing that the ingredients list in your sweet treats can include pig, chicken, and fish is one thing, but seeing it is another. If you want to still have your gummies and eat them, too, you might not want to watch Alina Kneepkens' video. 

The Belgian filmmaker created a short film that shows how gummy candies are made. The footage is shown in reverse and begins with a person eating one of these treats. By the end of it, viewers are ultimately face to face with an unsuspecting pig who has no idea he will later become an artificially flavored peach ring.

"I got the assignment to direct some reversed audiovisual stories showing the production of some of our food," Kneepkens wrote on her website. "I saw quite a few slaughterhouses, and examples of both industrial and artisan food production. A true eye opener." 


"'Jelly' is candy," Kneepkens wrote. "But only few people know they're made of gelatin from the skin of pigs. Sweet?" 

We think not.

(H/T: Huffington Post


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