The Most Popular Hoverboards Don't Actually Hover, But This One Does

The word "hoverboard" is losing its meaning.

Hoverboards, once the stuff of sci-fi fantasy and films set in the future like Back to the Future Part II, have suddenly become a reality in the past few years. Whether it's Tony Hawk showing off his moves on one or Lexus investing in the technology to build its own, it's now possible to float just above the ground just like Marty McFly once did in a fictionalized version of 2015. However, the most popular version of hoverboards today, which are essentially Segways without handles, aren't actually hoverboards at all. So what are we supposed to call them?

At this point, the word "hoverboard" has been used so much already that it's losing its meaning. That's why Dumitru Popescu of Arca Space Corporation has decided along with his colleagues not to label their new hoverboard as just that — instead, it'll be called the "Arcaboard." Whereas the popular two-wheeled "hoverboards" don't do the most important thing a hoverboard is supposed to do — hover — his new creation does.

"It may stretch the limit of common sense, since those are definitely not hoverboards in the literal sense," Popescu explained to The Huffington Post. "They're wheeled vehicles that are traveling on the ground."

Unlike Lexus's hoverboard, the Arcaboard will actually be available for purchase. For a cool $20,000, you can pre-order one now and get it delivered in April. A person weighing 150 pounds can ride the device for roughly six minutes before it needs to recharge, propelled by 36 electric fans that spin at 45,000 rotations every minute.

Obviously that's a lot of money for not a ton of time in the air, but HDTVs started out super expensive too, and look where we are now. As more and more people flock to hoverboards that actually hover, manufacturers will produce more and the market will force the prices down. Within a few years we might have a ton of future Marty McFlys skating around on nothing.


Check out the Arcaboard in action:


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