Houzz App Is An Easy Way To Give A Lovely Gift This Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day.

Sometimes, doing something nice just requires the right resources.

For Ashton Kutcher, the home remodeling app Houzz provided just that. Because Kutcher is an investor in Houzz, it was a natural choice when he decided he wanted to surprise his mom. The online and mobile application is the ultimate guide to home remodeling and design. Houzz features sections where you can find a home improvement professional, buy products and materials, read through other people's ideas to get inspired, and do just about anything you'd need to in order to update a room or build a home from scratch.

Now, though, "My Houzz" has entered the fold. This video series is expanding on the fun by following people as they gift renovations to the ones they love most. In the first episode, you get a chance to watch Kutcher unveil a brand new basement to his mother.

"The magic of Houzz is that people can take an idea they have for their home and make it a reality while having a lot of fun in the process," Kutcher said. "Using the Houzz app, I was able to renovate my mom's basement in Iowa while I was in LA, sharing ideas and inspiration, finding and hiring an Iowa-based designer from the Houzz community, and shopping for products and materials."


When Kutcher started, this is what his basement looked like:

Here is how it looked when he was finished:

The house was originally built by Kutcher and his stepfather when he was 13. Amazingly, the renovation was all accomplished while he was thousands of miles from Iowa in Los Angeles, California. Ashton created what's known as an ideabook, enlisted the help of a designer named Catherine, and then purchased products and materials from the Houzz Shop to get everything off the ground.

Check out the teaser below:


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