She Went Into Labor During The Flooding In Houston. So Her Neighbors Formed A Human Chain To Get Her To The Hospital.

"Moments like these are incredibly precious and remind me of all the good in the world."

Hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Harvey has caused destruction, and left 38 people dead and thousands in need of temporary shelter after the flooding. But the storm is also highlighting some incredible moments that show the strength and love of humanity.

Mexico is offering help to the U.S. after the storm and a video of a volunteer who dressed up as Spider-Man to comfort kids in a shelter is going viral. We've also seen a CNN reporter rescue a man while his truck was flooding and a Houston reporter save a man's life as her newsroom flooded.


Another heroic story is going viral about neighbors who formed a human chain to help Andrea Smith when she went into labor during the flooding in Houston.

Smith and her husband Greg are doctors and they only came to Houston in late July to do advanced medical training. They weren't familiar with hurricanes but they had a backup plan for the birth of their first child.

The mom-to-be had been experiencing contractions for weeks when Hurricane Harvey hit further down the coat. On Saturday, August 26, the couple decided they would go to the hospital the next morning since there was only a light rain and no flooding.

When they woke up the next morning, there was two to three feet of water, and it was continuing to rise.

They tried to call 911 but were unable to get through and thought they might have to have a home birth. The Smiths then sent out a message to their neighbors, many of whom work in the medical field, for assistance. 

The neighbors responded with sterilized equipment and even made plans to move Smith from her ground floor apartment upstairs if the water levels got too high. 

During the planning, a neighbor managed to flag down a dump truck that was being driven by firefighters. 

After explaining the situation, the neighbors formed a human chain to get Smith and her husband into the dump truck so they could be delivered to the hospital.

Their neighbor, Molly Askers, captured the moment on video and posted it to her Facebook page. She wrote, "Moments like these are incredibly precious and remind me of all the good in the world."

Greg explained to People about the ride. "We sat on top of all these fire hoses, while firemen drove us to the hospital. They were careful to go slow and keep us safe," he said. At the hospital, the parents-to-be were offered dry clothes and a delivery room.

And the couple welcomed daughter Adrielle into the world at 1:59 a.m. on Monday, August 28.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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