This Housekeeper Reported To Work, You'll Be Speechless After Knowing What Happened Instead

Pranking it forward.

Most people take breaks all the time. Coffee break, weekend break, month-long trip to the sunny French Riviera to recharge your batteries...

But there are people who can't take a much deserved break from life. One of those people is Cara Simmons, a hardworking housekeeper and a single mother of three who, reportedly, hasn't had a day-off in her life.

Cara's family and friends set her up for this unexpected surprise. Little did they know, they were a part of this massive prank themselves.


The elaborate prank was arranged by the people at Break who casually "prank it forward" by changing people's lives for the better. Check out their YouTube channel for more good deeds.

Don't forget to pay, or prank, it forward. We all have the power of making a good change in someone's life.

(H/T: Sploid)

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