33-Year-Old Housekeeper Takes Out The Trash, Gets Scouted For Fashion Week

Check out that walk.

This year New York Fashion week has been all about diversity. 

We saw Madeline Stuart, a beautiful Australian model with Down syndrome, walk the runway and absolutely steal the show.


Erica Nichols

Then, there was Ashley Graham, a size 16 model who walked in her own lingerie line she created with Canadian brand Addition Elle.

Whoa. Killing it, girl! Who says you have to be size 0 to be a model?

But fashion is not only about ladies. 

Male models are an important part of any fashion week. And for one guy in particular, this NYFW was an important debut.

Meet Sophon Aur.

Unlike most of models at Fashion Week, this 33-year-old doesn't have an online modeling portfolio. 

And that is because he got scouted just earlier this week at the Hudson Hotel where he works as a housekeeper, Refinery29 reports. Aur was spotted by Johnson Hartig, Libertine's designer. He was at the hotel for Libertine's pop-up showroom when he saw Aur taking out the trash

Good eye!

"What are you doing tomorrow night?" Libertine's designer was quoted asking the housekeeper.

One thing led to another and here goes Aur, absolutely nailing that catwalk.

"I'd love to continue modeling. Everyone at the Hudson [Hotel] has been so supportive," he told Refinery29. "Now, I just need an agent."

With a debut at New York Fashion Week, the future looks promising. Go chase your dreams, mister! 

You can watch the entire Libertine show below. 

(H/T: Refinery29)


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