Kids Will Have No Idea Who Sesame Street Is Doing A Parody Of, And That's Probably A Good Thing


We never thought we'd see a Frank Underwood-type character on "Sesame Street," but we kind of like it.


If you haven't seen the hit show "House of Cards" yet, you'll get a glimpse of why it's so popular in this parody "House Of Bricks" by... and we can't believe we're saying this... Sesame Street.

In the real "House of Cards," Frank Underwood is played by award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. And he's pretty evil. Let's just say he does anything and everything to rise to the top of the political chain in Washington. And now, he's doing the same on Sesame Street, of all places. 

As bad as Underwood is, one thing that can't be denied is his intelligence. So who better to teach children than a cunning, sharp villain just like him? 

Wait, what? Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds. He uses math skills to try and outwit the Three Little Pigs. Kids learn stuff while adults have a secret chuckle to themselves. Win, win. 

But who will win this time? See how it all unfolds in the parody video below. Sesame Street will never be the same. 


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