Watch This 102-Year-Old Gentleman Prove Why English Language Is Dum(b)

Wish they would show this in schools.

Thanks to Tumblrs and Redditors everywhere, we've already been exposed to the peculiarities of English language, but this 102-year-old gentleman settles the debate once and for all.

Back in 2007, Delaware-based type foundry and design studio House Industries created a short film with one of the industry's most known representatives, Edward Rondthaler.

Rondthaler, a noted typographer who ushered in the method of phototypesetting, was a lifelong advocate of a spelling reform that would impose phonetic spelling of English language, meaning we'd spell words exactly as they sound. He argued it would promote literacy and make English more accessible to foreign speakers.

And in this two-minute video, Rondthaler perfectly proves his point.


Armed with just a simple flip chart, Rondthaler explains his theory: Take the word 'bomb' — what rhymes with 'bomb'? Tomb? But it's pronounced rather differently, isn't it?

Add a C and you get 'comb.' What rhymes with comb? Home. But add an S at the end and it no longer rhymes with home — it's 'some.'

Rondthaler goes on to showcase a few more examples but you probably get his point.

According to Oxford Royale Academy, English pronunciation and its idiosyncrasies are the main factors causing confusion for those trying to learn the language. However, it seems like it will take more time and more Rondthalers until phonetic spelling takes root.

Check out the full video below to see what Rondthaler proposes as a solution:

Can you think of some good examples? Share 'em with us!

(H/T: House Industries | RyanKinder via Reddit)


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