Kevin Spacey's 'House Of Cards' Character Gets Smithsonian Portrait

Anything for America.

Before season 4 of House Of Cards premieres on Netflix next week, anxious fans can head to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. to see an actual six-foot painting of Kevin Spacey as President Frank Underwood.

The painting, created by British artist Jonathan Yeo, features shades of gray and lines of darkness as Underwood sits in the Oval Office with his legs crossed. The public can see the painting in near the gallery's presidential section from now until October.

The Smithsonian welcomed the portrait and the cast of House of Cards with a special ceremony on Monday. Spacey and several of the actors from the series appeared in character for the portrait presentation.


Paul Morigi/ Getty Images

"I suppose I should be pleased that I'm finally going to be hung in our nation's attic. Of course, if they knew what was in my basement, they wouldn't hang me so close to Lincoln and I'd end up next to Booth instead," Spacey said as Underwood in a YouTube video before the presentation. "Booth wasn't a bad actor, by the way. But unlike most actors, he could actually hit his mark."

While Spacey himself called the painting "an incredible honor" at the museum, his remarks as Underwood were a bit different.

"It's a humbling experience to be included here among so many extraordinary leaders," Spacey said as Underwood during the presentation. "Now I'm told this portrait will hang for six months in the entrance hall here at the Smithsonian. And I wonder if the 30 million people who visit this institution every year will pass by this portrait and see the image of a calm, determined president ready for any challenge. Or, if this painting is hung at just the right height, viewers will wonder instead if I'm about to kick them in the face."

The event also included the screening of the next House of Cards episode.

Cover image via Paul Morigi/ Getty Images


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