These Are The Actual Tattoos That Girls Want Guys To Have, Study Says

You're welcome, boys.

The cat is finally out of the bag. Or rather the women of GQ magazine — the style experts — have spoken, revealing what tattoos women find the most attractive inked on bodies of the opposite sex.

During the survey, women had to rate the hottest body parts to get inked as well the hottest tattoos themselves. Scroll down to see the study results for yourself.

You're absolutely welcome, boys.


The hottest place to get a tat on, rated from the best to worst:

1. Forearm

Some ladies said it was the underside specifically.

2. Arms

Hello, full sleeves. 

3. Back

With one exception — angel wings. Angel wings are a massive no-no, by all means.

4. Wrist

5. Chest

6. Knuckles

It turns out knuckle tattoos sometimes can be a bit more scary than hot.

7. Ankle

8. Back of Calf

9. Legs (full)

More on your arms, legs on your legs, boys.

10. Belly

Looks like ladies think that belly tattoos are never a good idea.

Hottest tats, rated from the best to worst:

1. Minimal tattoos

Often, less is more.

2. Text in a foreign language

Obviously spoken by the guy.

3. Fierce animals

We are talking wolfs, lions or tigers. And they better come roaring.

4. Birds

5. Anchors

6. Skulls

7. Flowers

8. Sexy ladies

Can we sense a bit of jealousy here?

9. Dagger

Just no.

10. Mom heart

If you have one, we really hope it's not on your belly.

So now you know. But then again, you're more than welcome to disagree. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

(H/T: GQ)


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