These People Witnessed A White Woman And A Black Man Stealing. Who Do You Think Got Busted?

When it comes to theft, do appearances matter?

People often like to assume they’d say something or react in a certain way if they saw social injustice.


For instance, stealing is always wrong, whether it's a cute white girl or a young black guy doing it, right? It stands to reason that bystanders of the crime would react the same way, regardless of the culprit's physical appearance.

Molo Nation, a YouTube channel dedicated to pranking people and catching it on hidden camera, decided to put that assumption to the test. With the help of model Nikki Leigh, they staged a number of robberies. In the first round, Nikki steals Gabe's wallet in front of multiple spectators. Later, the tables are turned, and Gabe grabs Nikki's phone out of her back pocket.

Who do you think got busted more often?

The answer is telling. Watch the amazing video below.

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