Hospital Sends Cancer Patient Home With An Epic 'Whip And Nae Nae' Flash Mob Dance


For 12-year-old Sophia Petikas' last day at the Willis Knighton Proton Therapy Center, the hospital staff decided they'd surprise her with a special celebration dance.

According to an administrator at the center, Greg Sonnenfeld, who captioned the video footage of the flash mob, Sophia found out she had a large tumor on her spinal cord two years ago.

After deciding "that proton therapy was the optimal way to deliver [Sophia's] treatment," Sophia chose "Willis-Knighton so they could remain close to home and family," Sonnenfeld writes, thus becoming the first pediatric patient at the center.


Now, on her last day of treatment, a staff member called Sophia into an open room where the rest of the staff waited, all wearing matching Chuck Taylor sneakers to honor their young patient.

"I have a surprise... because I remember one of your first days I said 'you know what, I'll learn that dance, and we'll do it your last day,'" a staff member tells Sophia.

"So word caught fire and before you know it, people were interested...So let's just go out there and do it for everybody," he adds with enthusiasm.

And then everyone joined in...

"Our family would like to express how thankful we are for all of the wonderful people at WK who took part in surprising our daughter with this fun, unforgettable surprise," a member of Sophia's family adds in the video caption. "These people are truly an example of the finest in their field, and of humanity in general!!"

What an awesome way to celebrate.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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