Indonesian Man Creates 'Mobile Library,' But You Won't Believe How He Gets Around

A good deed that everyone should see.

In many countries, access to education is not a given or even an easy thing to acquire.

For Ridwan Sururi, there was a simple solution to that problem in his beloved rural Indonesia: a mobile library. Using his favorite horse Luna, Sururi goes from village to village trying to encourage children to read. Despite a relatively high literacy rate in Indonesia, parents say the kids are far more interested in television and it can be tough to get them reading. Libraries are also not very accessible.

"I use the horse because in my opinion, the horse is what attracts children," Sururi said. "Without realizing, their interest in reading will grow."

Now, people from the village are donating books to the "horse library" to keep it going. 


Check out The Star Online report below:


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