Beautiful Commercial Shows Dad Giving His Goth Daughter The Best Surprise

A great message from an unexpected source.

Feeling like you don't "fit in" at school is one of the most painfully memorable things about growing up, especially if your tastes in clothes, music or style were outside the mainstream. That feeling of rejection can shape you in ways that affect your adult life and relationships in ways that aren't always so obvious, which is why it's important to have a network of people — family, friends, whoever — who understand and support you.

That's exactly the message that German home improvement company Hornbach delivers with this humorous but poignant commercial from 2014 entitled "Sag es mit Deinem Projekt," or "Say It with Your Project."


The video features a goth girl who, from the looks of it, is enduring just another day at school ...

When she gets home, however ... well, watch and see:

[H/T: Tech Times]


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