A Dirty, Homeless Dog Was Rescued. Now He's All Cleaned Up And Looking For A Family.

A second chance at love.

Hope for Paws is a dog rescue group that also works to raise awareness about dog homelessness and overpopulation. 

Every year, about 3.9 million dogs enter shelters. 1.2 million of those dogs are euthanized, and 1.4 million are adopted.


Hope For Paws recorded one of their dog rescues as it happened. We've recapped it here, but you can scroll straight down to the video below.

They couldn't just run up and grab the little guy, for fear he'd run away.

But the dog walked further away. One of the volunteers quietly snuck behind him and managed to get the rescue leash around his neck. 

Frightened, the dog resisted at first. 

Knowing he'd be hungry, they gave him some food, hoping the act would build some trust between them.

Soon enough, they were able to pick him up and carry him into the truck. Seems like the dog was a bit relieved to be rescued. 

Now Mufasa is living at the foster home, waiting for someone to adopt him and provide a loving forever home. He'll definitely make some lucky family very happy.

If you're interested in adopting, but aren't sure which type of dog is best for you, find out with this dog personality match.

Instead of buying your dog at a pet store or online, please check out your local shelter

Watch the volunteers rescue Mufasa in the video.


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