'They Never Asked To Come Here. They Were My Decision,' Single Mom Says About Her Four Children

"I sacrificed a lot for them, but they always come first."

A single mom interviewed by photographer Brandon Stanton for his wildly popular blog Humans of New York is being praised for her outlook on motherhood. The mother of four boys explains that she's been a single parent for most of her life. 

"But I've been a good mother. I'm going to pat myself on the back for that. It wasn't easy. I struggled hard," she said. "In my twenties, I got kicked out on the street with four young kids. But I made sure they were always safe, fed, sheltered, and had proper clothes for the season. They always had bikes and skates." 


She also made sure they were busy with all kinds of activities they could enjoy and learn from. "I signed them up for everything: karate, basketball, swimming, you name it. I paid for it all. I didn't want them spending time in the streets, so I'd work overtime just to keep them busy," she said. 

Of course, all of her hard work left this mom with very little time for herself. "I sacrificed a lot for them. I still wake up at 3:30 every morning to beat the traffic across the bridge," she said. "But they always come first. Because they never asked to come here. They were my decision."

Those last four words — "they were my decision" — are what many commenters on the post are buzzing about. Some have different interpretations of what she meant by this. Many argue that her comment highlights the importance of reproductive rights. She had the right to choose and she made the decision to bring her boys into the world. 

" 'Because they never asked to come here. They were my decision.' And that's why it's so important to have a CHOICE. Children should be WANTED and not just a consequence of sex," one commenter wrote. 

"I love how responsible this mother is. 'They never asked to come here. They were my decision.' Wish every parent would think that, rather than saying things like "I give you life and everything in your life, you owe me," another wrote. 

Her words also show the importance of having access to sex education and contraceptives so that all people can have the ability to make children a thoughtful choice. 

For many, this mom's statement embodies what motherhood is all about and many commenters commended her on her sacrifices. 

"This is what people don't understand about single parenthood. She works. HARD for her boys. She also misses A LOT of their lives because of it. She's the epitome of a phenomenal woman," another commenter wrote. 

We think so, too. 


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