To Get Over Her Body Insecurities, This Plus-Size Woman Tried Nude Modeling For Art Classes

" ... now my belly has been part of so many beautiful pieces of art.”

Photographer Brandon Stanton's wildly popular project Humans of New York is so successful because it captures our shared humanity and opens our eyes to some of the relatable challenges and triumphs of others. 

Most recently, Stanton photographed a woman sitting on a park bench who proves that pushing yourself to do things you're afraid of can actually help to change the way you feel about yourself. 

"Last year I started figure modeling for art classes I'm plus-sized, so I was a little worried about being nude," the woman, whose name remains anonymous, said. "I was nervous about everyone seeing my stomach, and my thighs, and all my fat. But apparently my curves are fun to draw." 


"In the classroom, all the features I saw as negative were viewed as assets," she continued. "One student told me that it's no fun to draw straight lines. It's been liberating for me. I've always been insecure about my belly. But now my belly has been part of so many beautiful pieces of art."

The woman proceeded to pull up an album on her phone that showcases many different pieces of art that were created as a result of her art class modeling. Stanton snapped a photo of artworks on her phone and shared it to the Humans of New York Facebook page. He also commented a photo of the woman herself. 

Her experience and the photos received tons of positive responses on Facebook. Many people shared their own stories of finding self-acceptance through art and modeling. 

Others were sincerely thankful that this woman shared her personal experience and reminded them that there's no one way to be beautiful.

We think we could all use more posts like these in our news feeds.

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