11 Brutally Honest Wine Labels For Any Occassion You Could Possibly Need To Pop A Bottle

"Sorry you guys broke up. At least you're still hot."

Wine is truly the best friend you could ask for. She makes you a better person. She's there for you during celebrations and times of sadness. She's always down to spend a night in watching bad TV with you, but she never objects to a night out on the town either. And now, she even has some brutally honest words to share with you during any occasion. 

Thanks to Delicate Estates' new wine labels, your wine can finally say the things you need to hear. The company makes hilariously perfect labels for good times, bad times, and everything in between. With a tagline like "cards are better when they're attached to alcohol," what's not to love? 

The $7 labels come with a straight to the point statement on the front and a no nonsense pep talk on the back. For example, the one made for breakups says, "Sorry you guys broke up. At least you're still hot" on the front. But on the back, this message is printed: "It wasn't meant to be. The stars weren't aligned. Timing was off. Emojis were misinterpreted. What's wrong with you? How did you not see it coming? Where are your pants? Who knows and who the fuck cares. Stop moping and take solace in the fact that you're still an attractive human with body parts other attractive humans want to touch. Now let's get hammered and take some Tinder pics." 


You may be wondering who would come up with such a thing (or, rather, why you didn't think of it first). 

"Um ... people who like drinking wine and talking about feelings. No really, those are our two favorite things, so we figured we'd squish them into a single product and sell that shit on the Internet," Delicate Estates founders Courtney and Liza wrote on their website. "We're helping you give cleverly-labeled booze to your sad sad friends who need it."

Or, you can just buy and enjoy them yourself. 

Check out some of the wine labels below: 

1. For engagements

2. For breakups

3. For birthdays

4. For diets

5. For moms

6. For bridesmaids

7. For bad days

8. For getting fired

9. For apologies

10. For existential crisises

11. And for Tuesdays. Just cause.


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