Deli's Hilariously Honest Kid's Menu Is Perfect For Times When Ordering Is A Total Struggle

I'll have one order of 'I Don't Care' please.

Anyone — particularly parents — who's ever tried taking a kid out to eat, knows just how much of a struggle it can be.

Such struggles may include: trying to figure out what children actually want, trying to keep even the pickiest eaters healthy and happy, and/or watching messy eaters let their plates fall to the floor.

On the flip side, we can all probably remember a time or two when we were totally unsatisfied with a particular menu or simply sat staring at our options with no clue what to eat. 

Understanding such difficulties, one deli wrote up a hilariously honest kids menu they're claiming parents totally love. Then, an amused Reddit user posted the menu after a visit to the establishment, showing us a list of items like "I Don't Know," aka a hot dog and fries, and the "I Don't Want That," aka fish stix and fries.


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"It's definitely relatable to most people," the Reddit user, Nick Moist, told The Huffington Post. "Whether you've had kids or not there has most likely been a time in your life where you've had to listen to a parent force the kid to choose their food at a restaurant."

We think this restaurant's witty menu is sure to give both parents, kids, and all deli-goers a good laugh — which, perhaps, will only bring everyone a little bit closer together.


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