Someone Created A Homemade Nutella Recipe Better Than The Real Thing

Spread the happy... recipe.

There's pretty much just one indisputable truth in this world, and that is everyone loves Nutella. The combo of hazelnut and chocolate makes it utterly sweetalicious. 

In fact, Nutella is so popular that someone ate nothing but this stuff for a week, and a jar is sold every 2.5 seconds. There might also be a world shortage of Nutella because we are running out of hazelnuts. Go figure. 

And just in case we might someday run out, here's a fantastic and easy recipe you can make at home, all by yourself:


1. Oh, nuts. Start with two cups of hazelnuts.

2. Now, blend them.

3. Two cups of sugar. Mmmm.

4. Some chocolate goodness.

5. Just a teaspoon.

6. Take it with a grain of salt.

7. The only vegetable you need in this recipe.

8. Blend it well.

9. Spread it like there's no tomorrow.

10. Your friends will approve.

And here's a GIF showing the full thing:

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