'Star Wars' Comes To Life As YouTuber Creates 40W Laser Shotgun. Oh, It Works Alright.

Check out some other cool laser inventions too!

We all want a laser. They're awesome. Lets not lie about that fact.


The US Navy is even getting sci-fi happy, recently testing their own personal laser defense system.

According to How Stuff Works, a laser is simply a more focused and higher powered lightbulb or flashlight. A LOT more powerful. Like, "1,000 to 1 million times stronger than a typical light bulb."

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. "In other words, a laser produces light by stimulating the release of photons, or light particles," they explain.

And ever since we saw Darth Vader chop off Luke Skywalker's hand with a lightsaber, we knew what we needed in life to make us truly happy.

But we're not here to focus on the military aspect of lasers. We just want to focus on the fact that they are freakin' awesome and we'd love to mess around with one.

Luckily for us, a far more sophisticated engineer took it upon himself to do just that.

In his spare time, while we were all playing "Call of Duty," Styropyro built a fully functioning 40W laser shotgun. 

As he explained in the YouTube description, "The output of this laser is complete insanity, and is made up of 8 parallel 5W laser beams totaling to 40W. The parallel beams are manipulated with lenses, sort of like how a choke modifies the spread of a shotgun blast."

We don't even know what that technically means, but that's awesome! Let's watch him set some stuff on fire.

AND PLEASE! Do not build one at home. You don't want to pull a Luke Skywalker after all.

Watch below!

Naturally, as one does on YouTube, we got distracted by cool laser stuff and started to come across some other intense videos. Here's a lightsaber he made from scratch!

Need a drone with a laser? He's got you covered too.

Another YouTuber named "LaserGadets" even created a fully functional "Iron Man" hand. So, so, so jealous.

There you have it! Stay in school and study so you can build awesome gadgets in the future! Who said what they teach you in school will never apply to real life situations!?

Now watch the birth of "SkyNet" at MIT. 

We're gonna have to call Sarah Connor soon...


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