Homeless People Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Will Give You A New Perspective On Homelessness

When #MeanTweets get really mean.

You've probably seen the popular segment of Jimmy Kimmel's show where celebrities are asked to read mean tweets about themselves. Like the one where President Obama got called out for his taste in jeans.

But did any part of you feel sorry for these people being cyber-bullied? Probably not, 'cause you know they got a lot of money to wipe their tears off with.

But what about people who don't have quite as much? How would you react then?


Canadian charity organization Raising The Roof started a new campaign where they ask homeless people to read mean tweets about themselves.

The campaign is called "Humans for Humans" and features a number of people from all walks of life facing homelessness. Some have been on the streets for as many as 47 years.

Raising the Roof says their campaign aims to change the conversation around homelessness and shatter the false misconceptions about people living with it.

According to Leo Burnett Toronto, the ad agency behind the campaign, they used Jimmy Kimmel's #MeanTweets phenomenon to reveal how "some people so easily talk negatively about people living with homelessness – almost as if they weren't people."

The campaign features online video, TV, print, banner and out-of-home ads, as well as an interactive website where you can listen to the homeless responding to mean tweets and read their answers on questions, like "How did you go from perfect life to homeless?" or "Are a lot of homeless people on drugs?"

Watch this video below to see the heartbreaking reactions people had after reading the tweets for the first time.

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